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The reception is the centre of the hotel or tourist establishment which receives the guest for the first  time and in so doing creates his/her first impression of the hotel.


The bar is the focal point of attention to the guest in his after work relaxation. Staff employed there need to be friendly and sensitive to the guest’s requirements.



One of the most enjoyable activities of a guest in a hotel is that spent in the restaurant. Attention and service requiring both courtesy and efficiency.


Courtesy,good presence, language skills, and a desire to satisfy the needs of guests. An easy way to make friends.


If you develop a good knowledge of the business you will discover more about your own inner direction, and speaking languages here can be an important step forward in your formation.



Nowadays, looking after the body is vital and necessary. If you are interested in this aspect of hotel service. Then the spa is the sector for you. There is much to be learnt here, including new techniques.


There is nothing better than travelling to another country to get to know yourself better. It is a way of discovering who you are, of opening new horizons and making new friends. Contact with other people improves your social skills and helps you acquire more confidence in yourself, and as a consequence, builds independence.By living with people from other cultures, and learning another language, we enrich our vocabulary and acquire better communicative skills with others. A stay overseas gives added value to our curriculum, and increasingly, companies take these experiences into account when choosing their personnel. We will help you in your practical work experience in Spain, offering you the best hotels and other tourist venues, as well as assisting you in all business related to tourism.


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