• We are seeking trained candidates, with a good attitude, who speak either English and/or Spanish, besides other candidates with other languages depending on the sector in which they have to go.

• We offer students for work in reception, dining room, restaurant, bar, public relations, administration, Spa&Wellness, office work, quality control, or anything else that we are asked for.

• Access to the Business and Department Manual to the student.

• The student will sign a code of conduct for the duration of his/her employment.

• Possibility of stays of from 2 to 6 months.

• Assistence in bureaucratic requirements (NIE).

• Permanent 24 hour contact (24-7).

• We study your requirements.


Guarantee of service and control by our Service Coordinators or Zone Delegates.

Professional guarantee through 25 years working in the sector.

FAQ’s Business

• How long must the work contract be?

For a minimum of two months to a maximum of six months.

• What languages do the students speak?

Having agreements with universities in several countries, you can request what you want.

English is spoken by all selected students.

• Where do the students come from?

The European Union.

• What requirements does my hotel have to fulfil?

We send this information personally.

• Do I have to evaluate the students?

You have to complete a report for the school or university. If the student does not finish his work experience, the said form that the university or school normally requests, will not be filled out.