FAQ´s estudiantes

1. Is Free the inscription?

Yes, is FREE, only you must let us know if decide do not come.

2. How long does my work experience last?

From a minimum of two months to a maximum of six months.

3. How many languages do I need to speak?

Your mother tongue and English.A knowledge of Spanish is useful, and the better you speak, the more possibilities there are.

4. Where will I work?

For the most part in hotels, but also in other tourism businesses (camping grounds, car rental agencies, etc)

5. What conditions must I satisfy to be included in the list of candidates

First register yourself. Then you will receive all relevant information.

6. Who pays my plane ticket?

At the student’s cost.

7. Where do I stay?

You will live in accommodation provided by the hotel or tourist business.

8. Can friends or family visit me?

Special accommodation packages are available for friends and family

9. Will I be paid for my practical work experience?

You will receive a monthly salary from the business where the work is carried out.

10. In which section of the hotel or business will I work?

Anywhere where positions are available in the particular business.

11. Medical insurance?

You must bring the Community Social Security card.

12. What legal requirements must I fulfil?

The NIE is the only requirement once you have arrived at the place where the work will be carried out.

13. What clothes should I bring?

This depends on where you will actually work.But casual and comfortable sports clothing should be brought.

14. Will I be evaluated?

The hotel or tourist establishment where you work will prepare a report for your university or school, which you must complete in order for it to be presented to your tutor.

FAQ´s Business

How long must the work contract be?

For a minimum of two months to a maximum of six months.

What languages do the students speak?

Having agreements with universities in several countries, you can request what you want.

English is spoken by all selected students.

Where do the students come from?

The European Union.

What requirements does my hotel have to fulfil?

We send this information personally.

Do I have to evaluate the students?

You have to complete a report for the school or university. If the student does not finish his work experience,

the said form that the university or school normally requests, will not be filled out.